Create a hack-proof web page

Create a hack-proof web page Making your own website hack-proof is a sensible step in the context of data protection, but also to protect your own work. Hackers can not only steal data, but also cause great damage to a website. This damage can destroy months or even years of work in one go. Securing […]

Cybersecurity on holiday

Cybersecurity on holiday Holiday time. Finally, relaxation. Away from work. Just shut it down. Enjoy nature. Lying on the beach in the sun. Get to know foreign countries and cultures. Everyone is looking forward to this time every year. And the cybercriminals are already rubbing their hands. Tourists are their favorite destination because they are […]

Qualifications of data protection officers

Qualifications of data protection officers A data protection officer ensures that a company complies with the data protection guidelines. This includes data protection in digital form as well as the security of all documents and contracts that are filed in paper form. You can find out in this article what qualifications a data protection officer […]

Handling hacked emails

Handling hacked emails The e-mail is indispensable as a communication medium. Accordingly, the email is also popular as an attack target of hackers. It also doesn’t matter if you send important data or which accounts you log in to with your e-mail address. The hackers are interested in all the data they can get. Hacked […]

Fraudulent web page

Fraudulent websites and fake shops That hackers try everything to get to people’s data is nothing new. You have to be on guard when emails with links or attachments end up in your own mailbox. But there is also great danger on websites and in online shops. Because not all of them are serious. What […]

How to prevent spam

How to prevent spam How to prevent spamWe are all very familiar with spam. We encounter it on the internet, on our smartphone or on our phone. Spam is an annoying thing in any case. But it can also be dangerous and cause great damage if it is not handled carefully. That’s why the best […]

Two-factor authentication statistics

Two-factor authentication statistics Two-factor authentication has been around for a few years now. However, it took a little while for it to catch on. For a long time, users relied purely on passwords to secure their accounts and accounts. It wasn’t until two-factor authentication became mandatory for online payments in 2019 that two-factor authentication became […]

Security Awareness in German Companies

Security Awareness in German Companies There are still many people and companies whose security awareness leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when people think that there is no reason for cybercriminals to attack their own data, data protection is often neglected. But that opens the door to cyberattacks, because anyone can become a victim. […]

The importance of protection

The importance of protection When people talk about data security, the term “protection” rarely comes up. Yet it goes even further than security. Without protection, there would be no security at all. Because protection establishes and maintains security in the first place. So it is what we strive for when we speak of security. But […]

Google Authenticator gets E2E encryption

Google Authenticator is not free of criticism and omissions. For example, the demand for a function that allows secret seeds to be synchronized for other devices has become louder and louder. However, Google has neglected to include E2E encryption in the process. This is now to be retrofitted. Plain language in encryption When people speak […]