tanJack® deluxe


The tanJack® deluxe skillfully combines the advantages of a 2FA hardware and a TAN generator in one device
tanjack deluxe

The highlights at a glance

The tanJack®deluxe can do all this

User accounts

Manage over 100 online accounts

Touch display

Ergonomic Operation

PIN protection

Highest level of Safety


Editing the

Time synchronization

Can be used worldwide
Across all time zones


Durable Lithium-ion battery

Simple, fast and extremely secure

How the tanJack®deluxe works

Select account

Select the online account you want.

TOTP code

A new TOTP code is generated every 30 seconds.


Enter the TOTP code to log in.

In direct comparison

TOTP hardware instead of Authenticator app

2FA - a "must do" for account security

Designed to keep your online accounts secure!

A 2 factor authentication is an important point for account security. An excerpt of supported apps that offer this and how to enable this 2FA can be found here.

Suitable for

Private user

The tanJack® deluxe is the ideal solution for combining TAN and TOTP.

2FA Privat

Suitable for


Prevent strangers from accessing sensitive company accounts with 2FA.

Happy customer testimonials

No compromises with
2-factor authentication

Felie Willmann

The conventional authentication app could not really convince me. With tanJack deluxe, I have finally found a solution that meets my requirements. 

Max Herre

Anyone who wants to protect their online accounts should definitely use two-factor authentication. The tanJack deluxe is the most secure option and is the best solution for me.

Ute Schindler

As a frequent business traveler, I need a reliable mobile two-factor authentication that offers me the highest level of security. The tanJack deluxe is, in my opinion, the best choice.

What you should know

Frequently asked Questions

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security mechanism that uses two different factors to confirm the identity of users.

2FA provides protection against most phishing attacks, as the attacker needs the second factor in addition to the password to gain access to the account.

The two most common factors are something the user knows (e.g. password) and something the user owns (e.g. a physical device such as the REINER SCT Authenticator or the REINER SCT Authenticator mini).

The so-called two-factor authentication (2FA) is an essential contribution to the protection of the user account against misuse and identity theft. The reason: If the user name and password should ever fall into the wrong hands, criminals still cannot compromise the account because they lack the other components. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) therefore expressly recommends the use of a 2FA.

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