How to prevent spam


How to prevent spamWe are all very familiar with spam. We encounter it on the internet, on our smartphone or on our phone. Spam is an annoying thing in any case. But it can also be dangerous and cause great damage if it is not handled carefully. That’s why the best option is always to prevent spam directly. You can find out how to do this in this article.

Detect spam

Basically, spam is simply unwanted messages that are usually sent in bulk. The carrier is usually the e-mail, but there is also spam in the form of SMS or robot calls over the phone.

In Germany, spam is illegal. Companies are therefore not allowed to use spam as part of their advertising, as it violates the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). This makes it clear that spam is never trustworthy. So under no circumstances should spam ever be opened.

In most cases, however, spam is not pure advertising messages either. Instead, the bulk messages are the containers to transport malware such as viruses and Trojans.

Detecting spam is basically not so difficult. Basically, if a message is from an unknown sender, it is probably spam. If a message is supposedly from a known sender, but has no connection with the connection between you and the sender, it is probably spam.

Examples include emails claiming that your account has been blocked on a web page. You should then click on a link in the mail to fix the problem. These mails may originate from supposedly known senders, but are spam and should therefore not be opened. The senders are usually misspelled or there is a spelling error somewhere else. Finally, senders cannot use the original address.

Spam is usually recognizable by the subject of the message. Exaggerated product promises are usually always spam. This may refer to the fact that you can lose a lot of weight with a special method. Or an investment to get rich right away. Extend certain body parts, become fitter through miracle cures, find partners with just one click and so on. All spam.

By the way: “This message is not spam” indicates that the message is spam.

Prevent spam

As a rule, it is not completely feasible to prevent spam. To get rid of spam, it must be present first.

Email providers have extra options for dealing with spam. Instead of simply deleting spam, you can report it. The spam filter of the e-mail provider is then improved based on the information received.

Personally, it is always good to block senders of spam mails. Attention! In no case should a spam mail be unsubscribed by clicking on the corresponding link in the mail. Blocking senders works through the mailbox, not in the mail.

In order to protect the important e-mail mailboxes from spam, you can create another address, which you only use for registrations and purchases, where you are not sure whether these do not cause more spam to be flushed into your own mailbox. For the most part, away from the “throwaway e-mail address,” you have your peace of mind.

It is also good to notify the companies themselves. Especially for robot calls, you should hang up directly and call the company yourself. On the one hand, you can determine whether there are actually problems with your own membership and on the other hand, the company can be informed about the spam calls. Although they can only rarely prevent this, they can at least inform other customers of the danger.


Spam is annoying and can sometimes get annoying. However, it is rarely difficult to recognize and can be reduced in some ways. But it can rarely be prevented completely. For this you have to use more evasive possibilities.