Dangerous Authenticator Apps

Dangerous Authenticator Apps Two-factor authentication is one of the most secure ways to protect one’s accounts from unauthorized access. Hackers and data spies are excluded by 2FA. But where security is supposed to be guaranteed, there are of course also the tricks of cybercriminals who use this desire for security for themselves. At the moment, […]

Two-factor authentication via SMS

Two-factor authentication via SMS Perhaps you have already noticed: Since March 2023, Twitter has made its two-factor authentication available to users only against payment. Of course, this announcement caused quite a stir and was not necessarily received positively. At the same time, the SMS is not necessarily secure. The problems with two-factor authentication via SMS […]

Privacy in the gym

Privacy in the gym The members of a fitness center trust in the safety concept of the operators. Beginners are introduced to training by the staff. When using the equipment, the employees take care that no accidents happen. However, one aspect is forgotten: The security of the data provided by members in order to take […]

This is why new passwords do not help

It is always possible that a security hole opens up somewhere. There is a data breach. Or malware finds its way into the system. The first step is then usually to create new passwords. However, changing passwords alone is not very helpful when it comes to providing more security. In this article you will learn […]

Authentication, authentication and authorization

Here on this blog, we regularly use terms like authentication, authentication, or authorization. These terms are all related, but have certain differences. These differences can also be relevant for enterprises. We explain them to you in this article. What is authentication? Authentication is a proof of identity. This proof is checked by a system or […]

Detect fake links

The Internet is full of links. There is no web page that does not have at least one link. Every link leads users to another page. This page is not always known. This poses dangers. Fake links can lead anywhere and cause great damage. Accordingly, one should be careful with links. What are fake links? […]

Hard disk encryption as a data protection shield

Hard disk encryption can protect data on laptops or PCs from hacker attacks. However, there are different types of hard disk encryption. Find out what they are and how to find the right encryption method in this article. What exactly is hard disk encryption? Hard disk encryption is a measure to protect data. It prevents […]

How a DDoS attack works

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service. Distributed denial of service. This is a distributed network attack that exploits capacity limitations. Multiple requests to a resource overload the capacity. This article explains how this works and how you can protect yourself against it. Protection against DDoS attacks A DDoS attack can be aimed at economic damage, but […]

Das ist bei einer Datenschutzpanne im Unternehmen zu tun

A data protection breach in the company may have serious consequences. Of course, the goal is to avoid major and minor data breaches. But if a data leak does occur, it must be dealt with quickly and correctly. Find out how in this article. When is there a data protection breach? Basically, we speak of […]

These forms of malware exist

Malware is the generic term that summarizes all types of malicious software. This includes numerous different forms of attackers that can infect a computer system. The damage caused depends on the type of malware. Here we present some of the most important forms of malware: Computer virus The computer virus has its name not by […]