The importance of protection


When people talk about data security, the term “protection” rarely comes up. Yet it goes even further than security. Without protection, there would be no security at all. Because protection establishes and maintains security in the first place. So it is what we strive for when we speak of security. But how exactly does it make itself felt?

First protection, then security

The idea of shelter is ubiquitous. We live in houses because they offer us protection from the weather or roaming wolves. We put our money in the bank because it is protected from theft there. Even animal instincts are always designed for protection. Every animal retreats to a protective area when a potential threat appears.

Protection is everywhere. Strangely enough, however, it seems to be swept under the rug in some ways, because generally there is more talk of security. Yet security is the result of protection.

The order never changes. First comes protection and from that comes security. Let’s take the example of the house again. The house must be built first. So the thought starts with the protection and its implementation. The protection in the form of the house stands after the work is done. But it provides security only after you have moved into the house and closed the door behind you.

This principle can also be transferred to the data on the computer or access data of accounts: First the data on the computer comes and should be protected. The protection is provided by a program. The program and thus the protection already exist. The security, however, only exists when the program is installed on the computer.

The same applies to the Authenticator from REINER SCT. We offer you protection in the form of the Authenticator. With it you protect all your access data. But you have the security only if you let protect the access data by the Authenticator.

The principle always remains the same.

Where else does protection occur?

Protection is not a new discovery. It is probably even the oldest desire since there have been living creatures on earth. Even the dinosaurs were equipped with ways to protect themselves and their herd. Just look at all the horns and bone plates the giant lizards were equipped with. But they didn’t have security either until they knew how to use their equipment.

Today, the search for protective measures is not as far removed from the origins as one might think. In the end, in theory, it’s always about preserving what you have and what you’re attached to. This can be life, but also a thing that needs to be protected.

One example is trademark protection or trademark law. This involves registering a trademark and thereby protecting it from being copied. For modern companies, this is an important step to ensure the continued existence of the company. Trademark law prevents the risk of confusion and safeguards the company’s own products.

Very important and topical is the protection of the environment. Even if there are people who do not seem to be particularly interested in this, everyone should be aware that we all live in this environment, which must be protected so that we can continue to live in it.

Of course, what steps are taken for matters worth protecting depends greatly on the matter and the situation. But there are always protective measures that can be applied. Whether it’s for the data on your computer, the environment you live in, or the continued existence of something important. There are always options.


So protection is always there, everywhere. But it only provides security if the components are used correctly. Protection is the desire and the basis needed to create and ensure safety. REINER SCT brings you “Protection Made in Germany” with its developments.