REINER SCT Authenticator mini


The REINER SCT Authenticator mini is the perfect hardware for two-factor authentication in daily use.

REINER SCT Authenticator mini

The highlights at a glance

REINER SCT Authenticator mini can do all this

User accounts

Easy management of the online accounts


TOTP transmission and charge battery

Touch display

Ergonomic and simple operation


Fast import of the TOTP key

Time synchronization

Can be used worldwide
Across all time zones


Durable Lithium-ion battery

Simple, fast and extremely secure

How the REINER SCT Authenticator mini works

Select account

Select the desired account to display the
required TOTP code.

TOTP code

A new TOTP code is generated every 30 seconds, which is only valid for this short period.

Automatic transfer

A major advantage of the REINER SCT Authenticator mini is that the TOTPC code is automatically transmitted via USB-C as soon as it has been generated.

In direct comparison

TOTP hardware instead of Authenticator app

2FA - a "must do" for account security

Designed to keep your online accounts secure!

A 2 factor authentication is an important point for account security. An excerpt of supported apps that offer this and how to enable this 2FA can be found here.

Suitable for

Private user

Stop phishing and protect your private online accounts.

2FA Privat

Suitable for


Prevent strangers from accessing sensitive company accounts with 2FA.

Happy customer testimonials

No compromises with
the 2-factor authentication

Maik Bechtle

I was not enthusiastic about the conventional authentication app, which is too insecure for me. With Authenticator mini, I finally have a satisfactory solution.

Anja Thoma

The Authenticator mini convinces with its elegant design and its enormous security. If you care about your online account, you should definitely use 2FA.

Manuell Andrag

I often travel for business and need a mobile 2FA solution that is absolutely secure. The Authenticator mini offers me high quality design, mobility and security.

What you should know

Frequently asked Questions

Of course, this is possible, but it would be faster and more convenient to do this via the USB-C interface. This recognizes or generates the TOTP code and transfers it automatically.

Thanks to the large and bright touch display, navigation is easy, making the Authenticator mini child’s play and intuitive to use.

The Authenticator Mini is compact and easily fits in any pocket, making it an ideal 2FA hardware solution for people on the go.

The Authenticator Mini has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, making it sustainable and ideal for on-the-go use.

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REINER SCT Authenticator mini