Two-factor authentication – the advantages

  • Stolen credentials are not enough
  • Secure common platforms
  • Development and production in Germany
  • Time synchronization without time limit
  • and many more …

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Bild der Verpackung des REINER SCT Authenticators

Two-factor authentication is the safest solution

Logging into digital user accounts via user name and password is no longer considered secure today. Almost all leading online platforms therefore offer the option of registering with an additional component. The time-based one-time password method is used for this, in short: TOTP. Many providers integrate their customers’ smartphones and provide an authenticator apps. Smartphones, however, have a low level of security and so the TOTP can easily be spied on.

Stolen credentials are not enough

The biggest advantage of two-factor authentication is that the stolen access data is not sufficient to gain access to a password-protected system or account. To get full access to the account or files you need the second factor. It is safest to use an external one-time password generator.

Secure the common platforms

With the hardware-based TOTP generator Authenticator from REINER SCT, you can already secure a variety of popular platforms such as Google, Amazon, Sophos, GMX,, 1&1, PayPal, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook. In the past, these were already platforms that were exposed to new attacks every month. With the REINER SCT Authenticator you can manage up to 60 accounts and can be used with any device. In addition to various cloud computing platforms, many social media platforms as well as banks and financial institutions offer the option of two-factor authentication.

Bild der Verpackung des REINER SCT Authenticators

Order the REINER SCT Authenticator now and secure your accounts

  • Hardware-based two-factor authentication
  • Durable thanks to online time synchronization
  • Manage up to 60 user accounts and your passwords
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