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Hardware for two-factor authentication

The ultimate protection for your online accounts. Secure platforms like Google, Amazon, Sophos, GMX,, 1&1, PayPal, X, Facebook and many more.

High protection

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A new TOTP code every 30 seconds

User accounts

Manage up to 60 user accounts


up to date - time synchronization

Double protects better!
Secure 2FA with TOTP code

Entering only a user name and password when logging in is no longer secure today. Almost all leading online platforms therefore offer the option of logging in with an additional component.

This multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication (2FA), protects your user account from misuse and identity theft to a high degree, even if the username and password have been spied out.

multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Hardware für sichere Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung

How do I use 2-factor authentication at Google, Amazon and Co?

Wie nutze ich eine 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung bei Google, Amazon und Co?

This is how simple two-factor authentication works with the REINER SCT Authenticator.

First, select the desired account on the REINER SCT Authenticator. Then confirm your selection with OK.

The REINER SCT Authenticator now provides you with the TOTP code. For absolute security, a new TOTP code is generated every 30 seconds.

Now just enter the TOTP code to log in. DONE! You have safely logged in.

How it works

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You can already use the REINER SCT Authenticator with a wide range of services.

What our customers say

What is the difference between authentication and authentification ?

The terms authentication and authentification are often used synonymously in common parlance, but they describe different subprocesses, e.g., of a logon procedure.

A user AUTHENTICATES himself to a system by means of unique credentials. The system then checks the validity of the data used, it AUTHENTIFICATES the user.

Frequently asked questions

A 2-factor authentication is, as the name suggests, an identification through the combination of two different factors. This is familiar, for example, when withdrawing money from an ATM: This only works by means of a bank card (factor 1) and the associated PIN number (factor 2). One factor alone is ineffective. And this 2-factor authentication is a good way to protect your online accounts from unauthorized access.

Logging into digital user accounts via user name and password is no longer considered secure today. Almost all leading online platforms therefore offer the option of logging in with an additional component. The time-based one-time password procedure, or TOTP for short, is usually used for this purpose. Many providers integrate their customers’ smartphones for this purpose and provide an authenticator app. However, smartphones only have a low level of security, so the TOTP can easily be spied out.

The biggest advantage of two-factor authentication is that stolen credentials are not enough to gain access to a password-protected system or account. To gain full access to the account or files, you need the second factor. The safest way is to use an external one-time password generator.

The so-called two-factor authentication (2FA) is an essential contribution to the protection of the user account against misuse and identity theft. The reason: If the user name and password should ever fall into the wrong hands, criminals still cannot compromise the account because they lack the other components. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) therefore expressly recommends the use of a 2FA.

If the TOTP codes entered in your application can no longer be displayed, you can simply resynchronize the internal clock of the REINER SCT Authenticator via the REINER SCT synchronization page This will keep your Authenticator up to date for years.

Smartphones have only low security and so the TOTP can be easily spied out. REINER SCT Authenticator offers you the ultimate protection for your online accounts.

REINER SCT is a specialist for protection in the digital world. This includes readers for smart cards – especially for secure online banking. The Authenticator recognizes through the built-in camera, the authentication data displayed by your account in the form of a QR code in a flash and assigns it to an account in the REINER SCT Authenticator. The hardware-based second factor makes it impossible to access your External Authenticator. Save up to 60 accounts of your choice in your Authenticator and benefit immediately from two-factor authentication.

The time in your country does not match the display of the REINER SCT Authenticator because you are in a different time zone than Germany? Then simply adjust the time zone in the REINER SCT Authenticator. In the following PDF you can select your desired country and find the corresponding time zone to adjust the time display of your device.

Due to time deviations of the internal real-time clock, other products are often only usable for approx. 2 years. However, the REINER SCT Authenticator can be synchronized with high precision via This makes the REINER SCT Authenticator extremely durable. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.

REINER SCT Authenticator
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