Where are security procedures such as multi-factor authentication used?

In the world of the Internet, there are now a multitude of options and procedures for moving around the Internet more securely. A password is often no longer sufficient – the risk of your login data being spied on is too great. The alternatives are procedures that require further identification in addition to the password entry. These multi-factor procedures are available in numerous variants, some supplement the previous procedures, others replace them completely with a direct combination of two factors.


In which areas is 2FA used?

Already widely used in online games to secure your accounts against hackers and your gaming income

Backup and data protection
Companies that sell products for backup solutions and complete data protection stand for data security – the logical consequence is the protection of data by means of a second factor

Applications such as Office265 or Adobe and the associated user accounts are essential for companies – they can also be protected by 2fa

Providers such as Web or GMX also offer options for multi-level authentication – special care must be taken with email accounts, as these are usually used for countless applications

Paypal, Binance, Trading2121 etc. when it comes to money, users don’t want to rely on just one simple authentication method – and rightly so

Social media
Instagram, Facebook and co. naturally offer options for account protection; losing a social media account these days would be a disaster.