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Case Study




REINER SCT Authenticator mini

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The challenge

The mechanics in the workshop and the service team are faced with the task of entering the 6-digit TOTP PIN from the Google Authenticator several times a day. To fulfill this requirement, they often reach for their own cell phone. However, our team is often distracted by new WhatsApp messages, Instagram notifications and other distractions.

This situation poses a challenge, as our employees’ concentration is impaired by constant interruptions. It is important to emphasize that entering the PIN code is a sensitive process and requires the utmost attention. Carelessness at these moments can lead to errors or important information being overlooked.

A great product all round for the safety of us all

Michael Volger
REINER SCT Authenticator mini

The solution

Since we started using the REINER SCT mini, our work processes have improved significantly. The small TOTP generator is always ready to hand on our toolbox or desk and allows us to use it quickly and easily.

Its long standby time without having to recharge is particularly impressive. This means we can use it for long periods of time without having to worry about it suddenly running out of power. This not only saves time and nerves, but also increases the efficiency of our work.

Another major advantage of the REINER SCT mini is its high level of protection against tampering. As there is no connection to the Internet, there is no risk of external interference or possible hacking. Our data is therefore optimally protected and we can concentrate fully on our tasks. The ease of use of the device also contributes to the fact that it has become indispensable in our everyday work.

The REINER SCT mini can be unlocked in just a few simple steps and is available immediately – without any annoying waiting times or complicated operating instructions. Overall, the use of the REINER SCT mini has made our day-to-day work much easier and optimized it. It offers all the necessary functions in a handy format and ensures that we can complete our tasks more efficiently.

The results

The high level of tamper resistance and ease of use make it an indispensable companion for our team. We are convinced of the numerous advantages of the REINER SCT mini and therefore wouldn’t want to be without it. Thanks to its reliability, standby time and highest security level, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.