Case Study

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services SE

Kraftanlagen Energies & Services SE

The Kraftanlagen Group established itself established itself in the 1920s as a leading German supplier in plant and pipeline construction and is today today, as part of the French leading service provider for industry, energy and building technology. building technology.

Case Study




REINER SCT Authenticator mini



The challenge

The Kraftanlagen Group faces the challenge of guaranteeing its employees secure access to Microsoft 365. A remote access solution poses a security risk, especially for those who work from home or are on the road. Passwords alone no longer offer sufficient security, as frequently used passwords are often too simple or well-known and major password leaks have increased the risk. In addition, traditional password management involves high administrative effort and security problems, making multi-factor authentication urgently necessary.

When we first tried out the REINER SCT Authenticator before the introduction, we were immediately we were immediately impressed by the the ease of use!

Alexander Siegelin - Head of IT

The solution

In response to this problem, the Kraftanlagen Group has introduced the REINER SCT Authenticator. This device enables two-factor authentication using TOTP without the need for a smartphone. The simple handling of the authenticator facilitated rapid acceptance by employees. In addition, the REINER SCT Authenticator does not incur any running costs and can also be used privately.

The results

By introducing the REINER SCT Authenticator, the Kraftanlagen Group was able to increase the level of security and increase user acceptance among employees. Alexander Siegelin, Head of IT at the Kraftanlagen Group, reports little administrative effort when introducing the authenticator and a very positive response. The solution not only serves to secure access to Microsoft cloud services, but is also part of a future single sign-on system via Azure Active Directory. The REINER SCT Authenticator is already being used successfully for access to the social intranet and will also be integrated for other applications in the future.