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com4data Consulting, Beratung und Service GmbH

com4data Consulting, Beratung und Service GmbH

com4data is a Microsoft Silver Partner and DATEV Solution Partner in the areas of accounting, human resources, cloud applications and PARTNERasp. Through these many years of experience ensures that the know-how of the employees in the in the field of business software the latest state of development – an advantage that is always always passed on to customers is always passed on

Case Study


Two-factor authentication


REINER SCT Authenticator mini

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The challenge

In mid-2020, Treuhand Saar Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH was faced with the challenge of fundamentally realigning its IT. In addition to renewing the server infrastructure, one of the main objectives was to improve the level of protection for external workstations using VPN solutions. Existing VPN connections required IP-V4 Internet access, special VPN ports and separate administration of VPN access. This led to insurmountable obstacles, high costs and complexity for users.

The advantages of the new solution are obvious - cumbersome VPN installation VPN installation vs. simple authentication via REINER SCT Authenticator!

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The solution

The commissioned com4data GmbH decided to use Citrix NetScaler as a VPN gateway and reverse RDP proxy as well as REINER SCT Authenticator for two-factor authentication using one-time passwords (OTP). This solution offers considerably simplified handling: No VPN client installations are necessary, instead a web browser is sufficient for logging on to the NetScaler user portal. The use of HTTPS protocols also allows access via public hotspots and guest WLANs. Users log in with Active Directory credentials and use the REINER SCT Authenticator to generate an OTP.

The results

The changeover brought significant advantages. Pre-installed VPN clients are no longer required, which has led to the elimination of license costs and allows every employee to access the office network from any computer. In addition, separate VPN access management is no longer required in favor of a connection to the Active Directory. The need for IP-V4 addresses, special VPN ports and protocols has been eliminated; a connection to the server now uses the NetScaler as a secure intermediate station (reverse proxy). The new solution therefore offers simpler authentication methods, reduces administrative effort and at the same time increases the level of protection for employees working remotely.